at the Inauguration you could buy cool Obama trinkets

Today I am writing to: The Black Ghosts, Keane, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party

My friend Sam returned from the Inauguration bearing souvenirs. “Let me show you my Obama bobblehead,” he said, and I made a certain mental note right then and there, because how often does a girl get to blog a line like Let me show you my Obama bobblehead?

He had an Obama figure with a head that did indeed bobble. He also had some Obama chocolate, including a White House sculpted from — wait for it — white chocolate. He asked if I was hungry. “Here,” he said, thoughtfully snapping off a piece and holding it out to me, “you can have the portico.”

Over dinner, he told me about his trip, including the Huffington Post party (where another friend of mine was liveblogging for Causecast). Turns out my ex put in a nice chunk of change to help sponsor the Huffington party, which I’d known about in a vague kind of way and then completely forgotten, since I never once heard his or his company’s name associated with the event.

Sam also mentioned a screw-up that had some people, including him, waiting in line to get into the ceremony. They waited, in the cold, for two hours, but spirits remained upbeat. “People were singing, talking to each other, it was a big sense of community, everybody was excited.” It reminded me of Burning Man — that sense of community, strangers as friends — and I said as much. “I don’t think it was like Burning Man,” Sam said dryly. He ended up talking to a woman from Hawaii who showed him the two thousand leis she and her family and friends had made to hand out to people when the Inauguration was over. “They called them Leis for Peace,” Sam told me.

“Leis for Peace,” I repeated. I love that. I want one.


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