Oscar who?


I have never been so oblivious to the passing of the Oscars as I was this year. I didn’t even watch them, let alone know or care who won. I spent a lazy half-day with Sam, who kept calling my attention to the dark shape of the Blimp in the near-distant sky: “There it is. Hovering over the Oscars…the red carpet…Don’t you feel like you’re missing out on something?”

“No.” I thought: Is that a serious question?

He said, “That was not a serious question.”


I did, however, go to two pre-Oscars events. One was held at a place I’d never been to, the penthouse of a new hotel off Sunset, and I loved the indoor-outdoor space, the DJ, the view.

There were also the dominoes.

The event was sponsored by the game (and Vanity Fair) and they took themselves very seriously. Attractive, glammed-up people, including the actress Kate Bosworth, sat around circular tables and played dominoes with dead-serious expressions on their faces. You would have thought it was blackjack and they had hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. (As far as I could tell, they did not.) It struck me as neither fun nor interesting, but one of my companions managed to acquire a packaged edition of the game. Aaron is a strapping six-seven, with flowing brown hair and old-soul eyes and a decent sense of humor. Every now and then he would turn to me and say in a gentle voice, as he stroked the edge of the box: “Justine. Do not covet my dominoes.”

“I will not,” I said sincerely, “covet them.”


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