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“From a considered vantage point outside society, [you the artist] observe, witness and judge*. As the German Expressionist painter Georg Baselitz put it, ‘The artist is not responsible to anyone. His social role is asocial.'”

— Eric Maisel

Thoughts on this? Oh you artistic people, you?

*I consider myself creative/artistic, but I have got to be one of the least judgmental people I know. If anything I think reading and writing — flip sides as they are of the same coin — bring you into touch with so many minds, and so many aspects of your own, that they enlarge your sense of what it means to be human and how gloriously fucked-up we all are. There is a sad, tender beauty in that. You can seek to understand — which doesn’t mean you condone — and you can measure an action by the damage it does to others. But judgment as a whole is a difficult concept for me, since it slides so easily into punishment, narcissism and tyranny. Maybe the artist ‘judges’ through the questions she asks and subject matter she chooses — the thesis she attempts to prove or disprove — but it seems a loose, open-ended judgment at best. Maybe that’s the ‘asocial’ part.


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