mea culpa

There have been a few reactions to my last post, both online and off, that made me want to clarify a couple of things:

1) Giggles ‘n’ Hugs is a great place, and if I seemed to imply anything otherwise, that was total carelessness and stupidity on my part. It has a fantastic indoor area for kids to play in that is gated off from the ‘restaurant’ part and the food is geared for kids but healthy and tasty in a way that tends to surprise adults (why this is, I don’t know, but adults often comment on how good the food is and look surprised). It is a popular place for birthday parties, and they have an incredibly helpful staff that will help you organize the food, the entertainment, etc….Basically they will do the work for you. It’s awesome.

2) It didn’t occur to me to say that we rented out the restaurant and hired “the puppet dude” specifically for our “little party”. I apparently believed on some unthinking level that people would assume that, because we tend to assume that other people live like we do. It took one bold reader to question my judgment in throwing “parties for your kids in weird public places, and then, moreover, writing about it” to remind me that my life is unusual, and that sometimes I need a reality check to realize some of the ridiculous things that I have come, in recent years, to take for granted.


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