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“I don’t understand Digg,” Dude told me the other day. “I just don’t get it.”

I’m still figuring out Digg. It’s easier for me to understand the social element of Digg than it is, say, Delicious, but right now I just use both as storehouses for stuff I collect around the Web. One thing I’ve noticed is that Digg and Delicious seem to slant toward the tech crowd, which means there aren’t a lot of articles already submitted about some of the stuff I’m interested in. Eventually that will change, but in the meantime I take a certain stubborn pleasure in submitting articles about short stories that might get only one lonely digg (mine). The only reason I know about Digg at all is because a tech friend once had the patience to explain it to me, although it would be another eight months or so before I tried to use it. Same with Twitter — a tech friend turned me on to it probably at least a year before I would have come to it otherwise — although it didn’t take me eight months to get brave enough to attempt tweeting (more like four).

I remember a conversation with my ex-husband about Twitter. By that point, which was still months before Oprah would take it mainstream, Jason Calacanis (a tech guy) had informed me that I was “addicted” to Twitter and I had started to wonder if he might have a point. I was sitting cross-legged on the bed, tweeting away, when my ex (who back then was still my husband) wandered by and looked at the stream of tweets on my screen and asked me, in so many words, what was the point of what I was doing? I explained as best I could. My ex — who wrote and published his first computer program (a video game) when he was 12 and now builds rockets and electric cars — said, “I don’t get it.”*

“Twitter will be big,” I said.

What I do love is the way Twitter, Facebook and blogging bring different streams of conversation together. I’ll throw out a thought on Twitter — about plot, for example — which might (or might not) collect some responses there, but which also feeds into my Facebook page where it will often initiate a realtime dialogue there which can be be longer and more intimate. In this case the ‘plot’ tweet sparked off a facebook conversation about conflict and plot that forced me to clarify my own thinking on the matter, which in turn will result in a blog entry here**. It was kind of an ‘a-ha!’ moment in my ongoing experimentation with social media (…I was an English major, remember, this computer and Internet stuff frightens and confuses me***…) where I started to get a sense of how your social profiles can all come together, and not just feel like a bunch of scattered outposts in the ether. I’m still figuring it out, but I think I love this stuff.

* to be fair, my ex is not really a tweeting type.

** probably tomorrow, although I’m still not consistent enough — yet — in my blogging to say for sure

*** I was very, very, very late to email. I never used Myspace in any real way (although I recently met the founder Chris deWolfe and liked him very much) and came very, very, very late to Facebook. My only regret, though, is that I waited so long to start blogging…If I could go back, I’d be one of the first on Livejournal.


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