american psycho

I was reading about Tesla online when I came across this in the comments section, from a poster who was vigorously defending my ex-husband Elon Musk from various naysayers: “…he divorced a spoilt psycho and the kids are with him more than her.”

And I was reminded of the whole “nuts and sluts” defense (although to be fair, this poster left out any suggestion that I was running around having affairs while taking a break from my golddigging, which is a bit surprising when you think about it because clearly I had the time, since the kids are so rarely with me….). When you try to tear down a woman you call her: selfish, spoiled/ungrateful, crazy, golddigging, bad mother, slut, whore, fat, ugly. Because these are the worst things a woman can possibly be (which means she’s supposed to be: selfless, sacrificing, chaste, thin, beautiful, pleasing, and of course ‘sane’, which I suspect often translates to ‘not causing any trouble or inconvenience’, and unspoiled/grateful, ie: ‘lacking any bothersome sense of entitlement’). What is the equivalent for a man? Is there one?


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