cool books giveaway #4-6

(Ah, my adventures in vlogging continue. This time I was so busy trying not to look at the screen but into the actual camera that I didn’t get the book covers fully in frame. So the titles are: THE MAGICIANS (Lev Grossman), SEXY (Joyce Carol Oates) and A GATE AT THE STAIRS (Lorrie Moore).

I’m continuing in my quest to give away 100 of my books. Email me at if you want one of the above titles, and maybe you’ll get lucky….



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6 responses to “cool books giveaway #4-6

  1. Of course you know, you already conned me into reading “The Magicians,” though I went for the audiobook through Audible. I liked it a lot too, but found it flawed and was disappointed by the fact I thought that it had the potential to be one of those impossible to ever forget new worlds that would transcend…but that it didn’t really live up to that in the end.

    The Unicorn Book will have no such weakness 🙂

  2. Amy

    Just e-mailed you, but all these books sound awesome.

  3. Alexander Kucy

    A small notice that I would like to make note of: on your website,, you don’t have this blog, Tribal Writer, listed under “blogs”. Just a small something you should probably fix.

  4. the book “A GATE AT THE STAIRS” is the title that i would read. I’M an avid reader who enjoys the deviant mystery novels.

  5. Tom

    Just found this site and wanted to say thanks for all the great advice. I’m a cartoonist, but a lot of what you are saying and working on in regard to writing is very applicable to us cartoonists who are trying to succeed as well.

    So thanks – and hey, great hair!

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