to develop your reader’s intuition you must first read like a maniac

the secret to becoming a successful published writer: putting the ‘deliberate’ into ‘deliberate practice’

fight like hell in the war of art

a writer’s starter guide to twitter (or everything I wish someone had told me when I first started using twitter)

tyler durden’s rules for writing in the zone

why you need to write like a bad girl, part two

the happy death of “genre vs literary” in the world of the technorenaissance

READING IS THE INHALE, WRITING IS THE EXHALE: developing writer’s intuition

FAILURE IS GOOD FOR YOU: how practice novels helped me get published

RULES OF SEDUCTION: writing the viewpoint of the opposite sex

IN THE DARK: Thoughts on the Anxiety of Writing Fiction (or: Why Create or Die! is so Overrated)

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER AND THE CREATIVE BRAIN: why a room of her own should not be near the mall


5 responses to “BEST

  1. Donna

    I love your website, and look forward to your posts!

  2. Greetings Justin;
    I’m new to you and at presence I can only say that you’re intelligence exceeds you. You’re book titles draw out the mysterious in you and I look forward to reading them as I do you for writing inspiration.

    Having typed millions of words on the internet myself, and always being fascinated by literature and the alter ego that it personifies within oneself, I strive to create a closeness with one’s individuality. I know my punctuations and editorial’s need your 10,000 hours of experience, but I was just wondering if you feel close to the reality of my writings as if you were really there.

    If you have 10 minutes of free time and a capuccino with a fruit bowl, maybe you can entertain yourself and take a break from your 10,000 mile cinderella slippers and enjoy my blog.

    I look forward to the honeydew falling from your lips.

    Thanks Paulo Riven.

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