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11 responses to “CONTACT ME

  1. Sooz Incognito

    Hi, Justine,

    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your links. I’ve added you to my blogroll. I’m agonizing over “coming out” and just using my real name on my blog. I think it would be easier to say I was gay (well, though I’m not). But mentally ill. Huh. And (worse yet) “off her meds.”

    It shouldn’t be a whole big issue, but y’know. Public vs. private persona. I’m fine with it, but don’t know how my employers and students would feel. Seems a ridiculous thing to worry over these days.

    Ah, well. I’ve got time to hash it over. At least some of you know it’s me.

    I love your new blog title, by the way.

    Take Care,


  2. I loved your article on reading!! I have passed my love of reading on to my children, and have at least one child, now an adult who is addicted! His new wife seems to think that is negative…I facebooked a blurb about your article to my son, and his new wife!

    Thank you so much for some insightful and interesting ideas. As a writer myself, I found your article inspiring.


  3. Thanks so much for your comment. I sent you an email. 🙂

  4. Steven

    Hi Justine
    Your blog’s nicely written, I am enjoying it!.

  5. Hi Justine

    Your Blog is very nice,

    good keep it up.

    Jay Hind?

  6. One of my new year’s resolutions is to write more, and finding your blog through Twitter has really yielded a lot of thought-provoking information. I’m starting out with a private blog (while I get some of my initial kinks worked out), but I’d eventually like to switch it to public. Thanks for all of your wonderful tips! Happy New Year!

  7. John Berthe

    I got here typing “author driven platform” into google. I’ve gotten closer lately to getting “The Uncensored Story Bible for Adults” published by a major house, unagented. I talk on the phone professionally, so I’ve been calling publishers myself feeding them a 45 second pitch. Just like in business, if the guy with the money doesn’t get it in under a minute…he won’t. A few have asked for pages.

    Wow, your bio is, well, you’ve had a busy few years huh? But anyway, yeah, I like this site, nice job.

    My former wife is my best friend. I hope that’s how it ends up for you and your former.

  8. Hi Justine,
    I stumbled across your site and would like to compliment you on it, and you look fairly confident in front of video to me (maybe a pretty face helps. That is what is holding me back from doing one at the moment). I wish you success although you seem to be heading in the right direction.
    Just quickly you mentioned Tesla cars my 15 yr old daughter just keeps raving on about them. funny old world hey!
    I am trying to get going on twitter & facebook but it is all new to me, so maybe you can help me out somehow? I don’t know.
    All the best Simon

  9. stevesaw

    This is what I wrote on your Connect Me tab
    WOW! What a story.
    WOW! What a life.
    WOW! What a writer.
    WOW! What ambition.
    WOW! What potential.
    WOW! What a positive attitude.
    WOW! What a future.
    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this article on tweeting. I am new to Twitter and sure could use the help. I am also a freelance writer and online English teacher, just starting up the business after losing my job in October. Your stuff really impresses me. I am adding you to my blog roll, following you on Twitter. I now read your stuff every day on my Google reader. If you’re interested, my website is: I specialize in website content writing, but have written for and about most everything over the past 25 years. Fufu is the only kind of writing I avoid.
    You’re a wonderful, creative wordsmith. I look forward to reading you more.

  10. Have your books been released in Australia? The postage is pretty expensive to have them shipped from Amazon etc.

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